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Saxophonist Gene Cipriano Passed Away at 94 Years Old

Gene Cipriano who performed on a long list of popular albums and major motion pictures, has passed away at the age of 94 years old. His death was confirmed by his son, who confirmed Cipriano had passed on November 12th of natural causes. Cipriano was born into a very musical family, with his father playing on Broadway as well as the New Haven Symphony. Cipriano took up the clarinet as a kid and became proficient with all woodwinds, including the saxophone, flute, and oboe. As an adult he moved to California where composer Henry Mancini used him for the TV series Peter Gunn.

Back in 2019 Cipriano recalled, “That got me started, because it became such a hot item and then all the other leaders said, ‘Well, get me those guys who played with Henry Mancini.’ And that got me rolling.” His cinematic career spanned over generations with him contributing to the scores for The Days of Wine and Roses (1962), Charade (1963) and The Hawaiians (1970). Others include, The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), West Side Story (1961), Cleopatra (1963), The Wild Bunch (1969), The French Connection (1971), The Karate Kid (1984), Up (2009) and many more.

Cipriano also contributed to a long list of famous rock and pop songs including material from the Monkees, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Glen Cambell, Frank Zappa, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash and the Beach Boys. He also played woodwinds on Prince’s 1986 album Parade and Frank Sinatra’s “It Was a Very Good Year.”

Other highlights from Cipriano include work alongside two former Beatles. He played on John Lennon’s 1975 album Rock ‘n’ Roll and jazz singer Peggy Lee’s 1974 Lp Let’s Love, which Paul McCartney produced.

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John Legend Almost Had His Porsche Stolen

John Legend barely avoided having his Porsche stolen after authorities caught the thief before he was able to steal the car. The Los Angeles Police Department was called to a recording studio on Monday, November 21st after security guards spotted a man approaching Legend’s car. After contacting police, they approached the man who opened the door and got into the vehicle and was looking for a way to start the car.

When he was asked what he was doing he claimed that the vehicle was his then got out of the car and started walking. Legend was unaware of the incident at the time as he was inside the recording studio. After the LAPD arrived, they found the suspect who attempted to run off and caught him after a chase. The suspect was charged with attempted grand theft auto, a felony, and is being held on $85,000 bond.

In July the Grammy Award winning singer released his eight studio album, LEGEND, which featured Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhené Aiko, Saweetie, Jazmine Sullivan, Rapsody, JID, Muni Long and others.

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Ne-Yo Releases a New Christmas Song

Ne-Yo put out a bonus track titled, “Everyday Is A Holiday,” from his album Another Kind Of Christmas (Deluxe Edition), through Motown Records. The track is a heartwarming song from the Gramm winning singer where he professes that being with his woman brings him joy year round like a never ending holiday season.

The album was originally released on October third, 2019 and included five original songs written by Ne-Yo and six covers such as “Someday At Christmas” and “I Want To Come Home For Christmas.” The deluxe edition follows the release of his eighth album, Self Explanatory, that was released on July 15th.

Ne-Yo stated in an interview that, “I call the album Self Explanatory because, at this point, the music should speak for itself. I hate to listen to a song that has a storyline to it and once it’s over, I’m asking questions. I’m supposed to be able to know what’s going on the second it plays, Secondly, I’ve been in this game for almost 20 years, so I really don’t think a Ne-Yo album requires explanation at this point.”

On Thursday, November 24th, Ne-Yo will star in the BET+ original holiday film, The Sound of Christmas. The Sound of Christmas tells a story of Montana, a down on her luck teacher, who leads a wealthy widower away from his gold digging girlfriend.

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Kenny Chesney Announces 2023 I Go Back Tour

Kenny Chesney recently announced a nostalgic tour, the I Go Back Tour, for 2023. Chesney is planning on scaling back his typical high occupancy venues to play venues where he was first starting his career over two decades ago.

According to Chesney, “‘I Go Back’ is a song about holding all those things that shaped you very close and keeping them alive anyway you can, In 2023, I decided rather than just go repeat what we did on this summer’s stadium tour, I wanted to take this band and these songs to a lot of the cities we played on our way up, call it the I Go Back Tour and do just that.”

Kelsea Ballerini is joining Chesney to support him on the 19 date tour that will start on March 25th in State College, Penn. The pair share a duet titled “Half of My Hometown,” that will likely be performed during the tour. The I Go Back Tour will end on May 27th, 2023 in Orange Beach.

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Bruce Springsteen Releasing A Box Set of Five Unheard Albums

Bruce Springsteen recently confirmed that he is prepping for the release of a box set that contains five previously unheard albums, primarily recorded during the 90s. In a recent interview Springsteen stated, “I have a box set of five unreleased albums that are basically post-1988, People have always wondered…People look at my work in the ’90s and they go, ‘The ’90s wasn’t a great decade for Bruce. He was kind of doing this and he wasn’t in the E Street Band…’ I actually made a lot of music during that period of time. I actually made albums. For one reason or another, the timing wasn’t right or whatever; I didn’t put them out.”

He added that he put together the collection after spending a winter “completely cleaning out the vault, Some of it is older stuff that the band plays on, and some of it is newer stuff where I was conceptualizing during that period of time. It’ll give people a chance to reassess what I was doing during that time period. Also, a lot of the stuff is really weird…I can’t wait to see the response to some of it.” He also confirmed that one album is based on drum looping stating, “That’s going to be as weird as people think it’s going to be, But it uses all drum loops and things like that, and it uses synthesizers. I like the record myself. But the first thing we’re putting out is a series of albums. It’s going to be so interesting to see the fan response because I love them all.”

Springsteen stated the box set will be arriving in the near future and revealed that he is on his way to completing a follow up to his latest LP, Only the Strong Survive, which is subtitled Covers Vol. 1. Bruce added, “Volume 2, I would say, is probably three-quarters recorded, It’s very similar. I continued working in soul music because I was just having so much fun. But I thought of doing a series of these records in a variety of different genres with songs that I love. I would love to do one record of country music. I would love to do a rock record. There’s just so many different things, and all focused around my voice, all focused around how well I’m singing. I’d really like to use this time when I’m not writing to really focus on my vocals.”

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